Why a digital Honour Board






Everyone’s no doubt familiar with the lovely traditional timber honour boards surrounding the walls of all clubs around the country.

Solid isn’t trying to replace these glorious history records at all, but sometimes there is need for an extra solution.

 Reasons to use a Digital Honour board might be:

  1. You’ve created a new club award and have ran out of wall space. - OR
  2. Your great new clubrooms haven’t got much wall space. The new trend (which we all love) is for huge floor to ceiling windows. Wall real-estate is minimal. – OR
  3. Your club might be 50+ years old and your existing honour boards might only cater for 50 entries.
  4. Even if you do have enough spare wall space these timber honour boards aren’t cheap. It’s not unusual for them to cost way north of a thousand dollars.

Here’s some of the obvious benefits with a Solid digital Honour Board

  1. It will now be impossible to run out of listing space – if there are too many listings for the 1 screen the content will slowly start scrolling like movie credits!
  2. When a new “award” is created at your club adding a new honour board is added – it will display in sequence after the previous honour boards
  3. The most prestigious listing on all Honour Boards around the country is the Life member’s list. There’s no higher honour at any club. Our Solid Honour Board doesn’t just list and scroll these names. Photos of the Life Members together with their details can slowly scroll up the page for all to see. They certainly deserve the royal treatment.
  4. When you want to show the kids their Grandad's reign as President? You could wait for that particular Honour Board to display – OR – you could use screen buttons to Pause/Play/Step Forward or Backwards. This can be done by a Pointer Mouse device or by hand if the display is a touch screen version.
  5. If desired you can also add your precious sponsors logos to the pages. If you’re involved in a club you’ll understand just how important sponsors are and how much they deserve some luvin.
  6. While we’re on Sponsors the display doesn’t have to continuously display Honour Boards. You can easily insert a full screen sponsor ad – OR – a club message or upcoming event list.
  7. Do you share your clubrooms with another tenant, like the normal Winter footy club and a summer cricket club? The Solid Honour Board can automatically change at handover time. OR if all parties agree both clubs can be displayed year round.
  8. What about if your share your location with multiple clubs? Like many Rotary style clubs do. Your Rotary club might use a function room of a council facility or hotel every Tuesday night. There’s no reason there couldn’t be a screen running the Solid Honour Board. Tuesday night’s your own club’s honour board can automatically turn on to welcome you. Although you don’t have permanent digs you do have a valuable and proud history well worth displaying.

Here at Solid we have done our best to design this Honour Board system to fit in to your décor and maintain a traditional style.

The system can be tweaked to suit your existing boards.

There are pre-set templates to help get your Solid Honour Board up and going.

  1. If you send us your club logo we can convert it to suit the display. You could either have a full colour logo or you could have a version to match traditional gold leaf.
  2. There will be existing templates of common Honour Board layouts. You just have to tweak and enter the member listings
  3. The system can import from an excel file so you may well already have this data ready to go.
  4. If you’re not sure how the hardware is structured, that is, is it a TV or a computer? DO we have to buy the hardware from Solid?   You can just buy the software from Solid – OR – Solid can provide everything including the install. These options are on our web site.

For ALL other answers to your questions please see www.solid.com.au

Or give us a call on 03 9708 2992